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The benefits:
What does taking Spanish mean for me?


You can communicate with the majority of California. 


California has 14.92 million Spanish speaking people. This is a great place to practice your Spanish


You will think critically.

Speaking, listening, reading, and writing are difficult skills. It will take a lot of concentration and practice 


You can meet the California college admission requirements.


Colleges and Universities in California require a foreign language for a minimum of 2 years.


You make yourself more marketable.


When you go to apply for jobs down the road, knowing Spanish provides you with skills employers enjoy having on their team


You can become fluent in more than just speaking


Fluency means you can read, write, and speak. We'll practice all of these skills.


You will have fun.


Yes, We will have fun (or at least try to). Learning a language isn't all textbooks and notes. You have to hear and speak the language to be good at it.